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Protective Workwear Clothing & Equipment for all Industries

If you need a reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier that delivers throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, JRS Industrial Supplies has you covered.

Personal protective equipment (or PPE as it is more commonly known) includes specialised clothing or gear that is worn or used by employees to minimise the risk to their health and safety. Protective workwear and equipment is designed to protect employees by reducing their exposure to chemical, biological, and physical hazards.

As trusted PPE suppliers in Glasgow, we supply multiple sectors in the UK with high quality protective clothing & equipment such as safety hats, gloves, face masks, ear plugs & defenders, knee pads, first aid kits, safety shoes. With personal protective equipment from globally recognised brands such as 3M, Honeywell, JSP, Centurion, Portwest, Dunlop, Beeswift, Supertouch, and many more, we will ensure your employees are safe and compliant with PPE supplies you can trust.

When it comes to wholesale protective wear & supplies, JRS Industrial Supplies is your trusted PPE supplier of safety supplies and personalised protective clothing in the UK. Order PPE in Edinburgh or other parts of the UK with our easy online ordering system.

Our Range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment and workwear protective clothing is essential for places of work and job sites where employees are exposed to environmental risks or physical dangers to help prevent the risk of injury and ensure employees are kept safe on the job.

JRS Industrial Supplies are suppliers for various sectors, including construction PPE suppliers, so we have an extensive range of protective workwear supplies for every working environment. Whether you need construction safety wear or work PPE clothing for road traffic control, JRS Industrial Supplies can provide all your safety wear in the UK.

Hi Vis Clothing

Workplaces such as construction sites, plane runways, and roadsides can be extremely hazardous for workers, especially when dealing with moving vehicles, heavy machinery, and equipment. A lack of visible protective work clothing, low light conditions, and busy environments reduce worker visibility which is when accidents can happen.

JRS Industrial Supplies is well known for its extensive range of high visibility workwear, which is why we are one of the preferred PPE clothing suppliers in Scotland and the greater UK. Our hi vis PPE workwear range includes jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, standard and waterproof trousers, t-shirts, vests, polo shirts, coveralls, and rainsuits. Each piece of clothing in this collection is available in a range of colours and sizes and is suitable for men and women.

Our hi vis workwear PPE is specifically tailored to suit your brand with our Embroidery and Print Services. Find out more about our customisation options.

Protective Gloves

Our personal protective equipment also includes a wide range of work gloves designed for hand protection in various work environments. These protective gloves safeguard against on-site injuries such as cuts and abrasions, electrical shocks, chemical exposure, heat, and cold.

JRS Industrial Supplies stocks industry-specific gloves in various sizes, colours, and materials. Our range includes general handling, cut resistant, disposable, welders, chemical resistant, and thermal gloves from leading brands such as Click, Ansell, Glovezilla, Supertouch, and more.

Head Protection

On any worksite, the head is arguably the most important part of the body to protect. Mild head injuries can include bumps, cuts, and bruises, while moderate and severe injuries include concussions, deep cuts, fractured skulls, internal bleeding, brain damage, and even death.

As trusted safety workwear suppliers, we also stock an extensive range of essential protective supplies for maximum head protection such as hard hats and bump caps. Our range includes brands such as JSP and Supertouch and is available in various colour and style options.

Hearing Protection

Loud sounds can damage your hearing and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus (buzzing, roaring, or ringing in the ears), which is why hearing protection devices (HPDs) are essential when workplace noise cannot be kept at a safe level.

When it comes to PPE wholesalers in the UK who provide high quality protective workwear for ears in bulk, our range has it all. With several ear plug and ear defender options from top PPE manufacturers in the UK such as JSP, Supertouch, and Portwest, you'll find peace and quiet with us.

Respiratory Protection

Respirators such as half and full face masks are essential for maintaining the health of workers in environments where harsh chemicals, dust, and fumes are present. When used, they can help prevent the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapour, and sprays.

UK PPE equipment suppliers, JRS Industrial Supplies offers respiratory PPE in Glasgow and beyond in several colour options from brands such as JSP, Moldex, and 3M. Our range includes disposable dust masks, half and full face masks, Filterspecs, powered air respirators, as well as FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 face masks. We also stock filter cartridges and face mask fitting kits.

Knee Protection

Knee pads are an important part of PPE workwear that most people tend to forget about. Knee pads help protect the kneecaps and provide more comfort when kneeling. They also protect the wearer from being hurt by sharp objects such as nails and glass.

We stock knee pads in various shapes, sizes, and materials from leading brands such as Dickies, Portwest, Regatta, and Supertouch. With features such as adjustable straps, ergonomic designs, thermal protection, and hardwearing materials for long-lasting use, you'll never work another day without them. We also supply durable kneeling pads.

Safety Supplies

First aid kits play an important role in workplace emergency preparedness, OHS Act compliance, and assisting with any injuries employees may sustain while working.

As trusted UK PPE suppliers, our range would not be complete without these basic medical supplies. JRS Industrial Supplies stocks an extensive range of first aid kits, defibrillators, and signage from brands such as Click Medical, as well as individual supplies like bandages and wipes for restocking purposes. With grab-and-go bags and wall cabinet first aid kits suitable for SMEs and large workplaces, our range has everything you could ever need. We also supply accident-specific kits such as acid-attack, burn care, and evacuation kits.

So if you need reliable industrial PPE suppliers in the UK, JRS Industrial Supplies has you covered.

Fall Protection

A safety harness is the most important piece of equipment when working at heights, which makes them an essential piece of construction site PPE equipment.

JRS Industrial Supplies is a trusted PPE supplier of high quality safety harnesses and fall arrest kits. Our harnesses are available in an extensive range of colours and sizes from leading brands such as JSP, Honeywell, MSA, and LightVest, ensuring you use only the best. Our fall arrest kits include a full body harness, connectors, and attachment elements.

When it comes to dependable PPE equipment in the UK, we prioritise quality.

Foot Protection

Safety footwear is paramount when working in hazardous environments. These PPE products help protect the wearer from potential occupational hazards such as falling objects, burns, sharp objects, slipping, chemical spills, and electrical dangers.

JRS Industrial Supplies are online PPE suppliers of quality safety workwear in the UK across a multitude of industry sectors. We supply an extensive range of safety shoes, boots, and wellies in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and materials from brands such as Amblers Safety, Rock Fall, Dunlop, Bekina, and more. With features such as waterproof materials, non-slip soles, composite and steel toe caps, our safety footwear will help you stay safe no matter the industry.

Eye Protection

Safety glasses or goggles are essential when working in high-risk industries such as construction, welding, maintenance, and mining. Safety goggles and safety glasses can prevent foreign objects or debris from injuring or damaging the eyes.

As wholesale PPE distributors in the UK, we can supply quality eye protection equipment from leading brands such as Bolle, JSP and Supertouch in bulk. With several colour options and features such as lightweight frames, anti-fogging lenses, non-slip nose pieces, and wraparound lenses for full front and side protection, we have something for every industry.

Whether you're looking for reliable PPE suppliers in Glasgow or elsewhere in the UK, JRS Industrial Supplies can ensure your employees are kitted out with high quality protective workwear and equipment you can trust to keep them safe.

JRS Industrial Supplies: Trusted Suppliers of PPE & Protective Workwear, UK

JRS Industrial Supplies is a family owned business committed to providing high quality protective workwear and PPE equipment from leading brands at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality has helped us become a trusted brand when it comes to local PPE suppliers in Scotland and protective clothing suppliers in other parts of the United Kingdom.

With short lead times and state of the art machinery, we are equipped to handle high volume orders of personalised PPE workwear. We also offer free on-site fittings and uniform management services when you buy protective clothing and equipment from us.

Along with being wholesale PPE suppliers in the UK, we are also suppliers of general workwear ranging from personalised fleeces, bodywarmers and trousers to non-safety footwear. From PPE in Aberdeen to workwear in Glasgow, you can trust us to kit you out properly.

If you are struggling to find PPE for your business, please give our sales team a call on 01698 534414. We can help from initial enquiry to delivery of your new PPE supplies in the UK.

For personalised customer service and top quality products from trusted PPE workwear suppliers in the UK, shop online from JRS Industrial Supplies.

Ordering & Delivery

As providers of protective supplies and workwear in Scotland, we can deliver your PPE in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK.

Customised orders of PPE equipment and safety clothing in the UK will be dispatched within 7–10 working days of receiving your order, while non-customised products will be delivered within 7 days. Once dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email containing all the details needed to track your order.

While we offer fast delivery on small and bulk orders throughout the UK, different rates apply to different areas, so it's important to read our delivery information before ordering.

We are based in Glasgow but deliver across the country and to the rest of the United Kingdom. So whether you need safety workwear in Glasgow or general PPE supplies in Birmingham, JRS Industrial Supplies has you covered.

Choose JRS Industrial Supplies as your PPE suppliers in the UK for protective workwear products you can trust.